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Growing up with technology has been equalizing as well deprecating. Back then, the web was like the wild west. If you needed to make a change to a page, you just make the change and upload on the spot. Nowadays, it's all frameworks within frameworks directed by server scripts and triggered by a single command. Also back then, a pager seemed so advanced, it was like alien tech. Are those lotto numbers that keep getting displayed? I never had the privilege of having one or the means of calling back anyway. Life coaches would say something like "Control your technology" "Don't let it control you!". I think the manifestations have gone much further than that and a lot more complicated now. Pagers couldn't survive the 21st century but I don't think anyone cares because it's not personal.

With automation and AI no longer requiring human control or controlling humans at all, this movement will soon expedite into that freight train from my previous rambling. The advent of eCommerce has redefined the process of retail. An online store only requires a fraction of the overhead compared to a brick and mortar store, global exposure, search mechanisms and automated checkout processes. While it's true that new jobs are created to facilitate automated infrastructure, you only need to build it once and when all the bugs are ironed out, it can run almost indefinitely on it's own.

By 2020, it's very possible we will reach level 5 autonomy. For those who don't know what that is, imagine getting inside your car and going back to sleep (cause we all need more sleep, right?) then, waking up at the front entrance of your destination and go about your business while the car finds a parking spot by itself or joins the ride sharing network to provide service for others and earn you money around the clock. No emissions and no oil changes to worry about. Sounds great right? That's if you're the recipient of this change and not the victim of it. Causality has no bias or sentiments. So who builds these autonomous vehicles? Autonomous machines and you could say these vehicles built are robots as well. So we have robots building transportation robots that are in essence programs building programs. The assembly line is becoming more streamlined with less human intervention. This change is inevitable as robots much like online stores require only a fraction of the overhead costs compared to the traditional way of operating a business. They don't complain, they don't get sick, they don't need vacations, unions, strikes, promotions, salary increases, politics, lies, deceit and whatever shenanigans that also happen in a business environment. At full implementation, they are 100% efficient 24/7/365.

We are still at the beginning of a paradigm shift that will ripple across all industries. There is a mountain emerging and you can't climb it with traditional gear or rival it with a mountain full of pagers.