deprecated, deprecation

I first learned the term deprecation when being surrounded by programmers. What the heck is deprecated code? Basically code that was once useful but has since been replaced and is now useless. This process happens a lot in other industries as well and is usually embraced with the word "Upgrade". It's fine when we talk about tangible possessions like upgrading a phone or swapping a microwave. But when the upgrade replaces you, it becomes personal. It may be work related, or related to your personal life. Sometimes you see it a mile away while other times, hits you like a train out of nowhere. Ideally preparing for the former is a lot better than the latter and would be kin to adapting rather than surviving. I like to use the analogy of rock climbing. It's an uphill battle against gravity and the landscape dictates how you adapt to it. Sometimes it's near impossible and you're stuck on the edge in the middle of nowhere. Exhausted, bleeding and no end in sight. "Ok, time to pack up and go home." Oh, but you can't. The bubbling muck keeps rising and you just gotta keep going despite the odds. As a ground hog, coming outside and out of the comfort zone can be rock climb frightening. There's all this crazy stuff happening and everyone has an agenda. But when deprecation is evident, you just gotta climb cause you don't want that train coming out of nowhere, underground.