The Megatron effect

The Megatron effect
October 10, 2017 CAPSTER
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The Megatron effect actually has nothing to do with the character at all. It’s simply a suped up word for significant and progressively built up from something. Everything we do creates results. Good, bad, half baked and whatever in between. The Megatron effect is about making the most out of something and is a continuation of my last article regarding the dynamics of 3. It goes like this:

Time + Persistence + Direction = Significant Progress (The Megatron effect)

If you take any one of those out of this basic equation, it won’t work properly.

Without Time, you don’t have persistence or direction to act upon your progress so no time = no progress.

Without Persistence, you’ll start something and then forget about it. Remember all those one night stand binge epiphanies that you started on cause it seemed like a great idea but then dropped the ball? No persistence = half baked sparse progress.

Without Direction, you’ll be like a hamster on a wheel. You’ve got Time and Persistence but no direction in what you’re doing. I mean, I can dig a hole from sun up to sun down and I’d have a pretty decent hole right in the middle of the yard but what would I do with it? Oh yes, bury myself and call it a day. No direction = useless progress.

One of my mentors would always drill into my head that “Time is your only commodity” which means don’t waste it and by applying the Megatron effect, you have a better chance at making the most of it.

Megatron custard is by norunn8931

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